Gabe Chapman 
PVA since – December 2022
[email protected]

Melissa Yates
Chief Deputy
Employee since – April 2017
Real Estate Transfers/GIS Mapping Technician
[email protected]

Mandy Stout
Employee since – October 2021
Field Representative/Personal Property/Tangibles
[email protected]

Doug Gerkins
Employee since – August 2020
Field Representative/Permits/Motor Vehicles
[email protected]

Shown below are many of the previous county tax assessors. Over the years the title has changed from “county assessor” to “tax commissioner” to “property valuation administrator.”

History of Property Assessment Officials in Meade County

County Assessor/Tax Commissioner   
1917-1921   James W. Hamilton 
County Tax Commissioner   
1921-1925   Alex Medley 
1925-1933   C.W. Ashcraft 
1933-1941   R.L. Woolfolk 
1941-1949   H.H.(or G.H.) Barr 
1949-1956   Ed Buren 
Tax Commissioner/PVA   
1956-1980   Abbott Ashcraft 
Property Valuation Administrator   
1980-1980   Steve Johnson  
1980-1986   Bryan Claycomb  
1986-2008   Mark Straney 
2009-2022   Rebecca W. Richardson 
2022-Present   Gabe Chapman